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Are you looking for a CO2 provider that actually knows what you are talking about? We have teamed up with CO2 Masters which is a nationwide CO2 provider with low flat rate pricing. 

CO2 Masters

Need CO2 for your grow?

Grow CO2 Delivery Methods

There are many different ways to introduce CO2 into your grow environment. There are truly only 2 methods that are efficient and you have the best return on your investment.


1) Many companies sell CO2 buckets or use fermentation methods that release CO2, but these methods are not efficient and what they do release is trace amounts of CO2.


2) Others use dry ice which they hang above their light hoods or grow lights. This method does deliver CO2 but it's not released in a controlled manner and there is potential of inundating your your plants which can harm them. Also not to mention that this method is extremely expensive compared to other delivery methods. 

Pure CO2 

This is the most efficient and environmentally friendly way to delivery CO2 to your facility. There is no heat generated and its 99.99 percent pure CO2. There is also methods available to help cool down your grow room using liquid CO2 which in turn helps with cooling down your already hot room. This can greatly increase your overall efficiency and reduce your cooling system workload. 

CO2 Generator

CO2 generators create  CO2 by burning liquid propane. When this is done the by product of this reaction is CO2. The problem with this method is that it is not efficient and you are dependent on liquid propane and it does create excess heat which requires you to 

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